Sunday 30 October 2022 – 9am

UKA Race Licence No: 2022-pending

Welcome to the Dave MacDonald Haltemprice 10K.  2022 sees the 36th running of the race, named in honour of its founder, Dave MacDonald of Haltemprice RRC. Brought to you by LKR Events with the support of Kingston upon Hull AC and a team of volunteers.

The 2022 race will be at 9am on Sunday 30 October with race HQ at the Haltemprice Leisure Centre. Taking in an undulating 10K through the villages of Kirk Ella, West Ella and Swanland on closed roads. Prizes for top 5 male and female and tops 3 in Under 21, V40, V45, V50, V55, V60, V65, V70, V75, V80+ male and female, first team of 3 male and female and annual mug for all finishers.

Our winning man was Oliver Newton of Thames Valley Harriers in 32:40 and the winning female was Demi Lidster of Beverley AC in 40:11. Beverley AC also won both team awards. Full results for all categories will be uploaded by Monday.

The following are the Overall winners in 2021

1Oliver NewtonThames Valley Harriers00:32:40
2David MckinnonGoole Viking Striders00:34:27
3Niall GilchristEaling Eagles RC00:34:53
4Andrew DeyesEast Hull Harriers & AC00:35:00
5Robert SparkesBeverley Athletic Club00:35:13
1Demi LidsterBeverley Athletic Club00:40:11
2Venika MoverleyEast Hull Harriers & AC00:41:20
3Kate AyreCity of Hull AC00:44:42
4Laura EmmsBeverley Athletic Club00:45:47
5Amanda DeanWest Hull Ladies00:45:54
Male U21
1Alexander Scott 00:36:36
2Oliver BurnettEast Hull Harriers & AC00:37:47
3George RiceBeverley Athletic Club00:38:28
Female U21
1Isabelle WalbyBarton & District Ac00:46:07
2Eleanor Hextall 00:56:57
Male V40
1James WilsonBridlington Road Runners00:35:57
2Gareth MoyleCity of Hull AC00:37:23
3Simon BishopBeverley Athletic Club00:37:56
Female V40
1Rachael SharpFitmums And Friends00:49:02
2Hayley JacksonYork Knavesmire Harriers00:49:24
3Anushka MccannKingston upon Hull AC00:50:58
Male V45
1Ian RobertsonSelby Striders00:37:52
2Peter CorkHornsea Harriers00:41:31
3Jonathan Leskiewicz 00:41:40
Female V45
1Teresa Bruce 00:50:37
2Cassie KempFitmums And Friends00:51:06
3Sarah Harris-Smith 00:53:09
Male V50
1Stephen FullerHayle Runners00:38:41
2Nigel Henderby 00:39:43
3Graham JusticeCity of Hull AC00:40:09
Female V50
1Rachael SaxbyFitmums And Friends00:48:24
2Hazel Pike 00:49:53
3Leonie O’dwyer 00:50:06
Male V55
1Jim HarlockCity of Hull AC00:36:58
2Darren EdgeBeverley Athletic Club00:37:30
3Mark NettletonBarton & District Ac00:40:32
Female V55
1Julie MastermanGoole Viking Striders00:47:49
2Jan SuddabyEast Hull Harriers & AC00:49:44
3Lisa AdcockFitmums And Friends00:50:38
Male V60
1Mark DaltonBeverley Athletic Club00:42:14
2Mike PullonPocklington Runners00:44:04
3Stuart BuchanCity of Hull AC00:44:52
Female V60
1Joanna HobsonOtley AC00:51:49
2Liz Bottomley 00:53:00
3Karen GordonDriffield Striders00:53:29
Male V65
1Paul CartwrightCity of Hull AC00:42:10
2Robin Harris 00:46:42
3Graham HarperHaltemprice RRC00:51:08
Female V65
1Shirley OglesbyEast Hull Harriers & AC00:52:45
2Jackie HardmanBeverley Athletic Club00:53:32
3Anne BakkerCity of Hull AC00:54:45
Male V70
1Stephen BrookQueensbury RC00:51:31
2Martin Peacock 00:52:15
3Graham NaylorWhite City Hull RRC00:54:57
Female V70
1Vivienne WilliamsonBeverley Athletic Club01:03:55
2Barbara WessonFitmums And Friends01:04:53
Male V75
1Keith HornWithernsea Harriers00:54:51
2John PawsonCity of Hull AC01:06:25
3Michael DevittFerndale Flyers01:13:27
Female V75  
1Pam AtkinsBeverley Athletic Club01:08:37
Male V80+
1David Carbert 01:05:22
2Bob ThomsonHaltemprice RRC01:32:42
Male Team Prize
Beverley ACRob Sparkes, Luke Davison, Darren Edge, 
Female Team Prize
Beverley ACDemi Lidster, Laura Emms, Rosie Greenfield

A host of images from the event can be found on our Facebook page

Results for 2020

Results for 2019

Results for 2018

Men Overall  
Kris LecherCity of Hull AC00:31:50
Runar SaetherEast Hull Harriers & AC00:33:33
Richard HarrisNorthern Masters AC00:33:52
Adam PlowsScunthorpe & District AC00:33:59
Matthew SnowCity of Hull AC00:33:59
Female Overall  
Tegan RobertsCity of Hull AC00:40:01
Della HatfieldCity of Hull AC00:40:10
Katie SeddonEast Hull Harriers & AC00:41:16
Emma TuneGoole Viking Striders00:41:36
Elizabeth NairnSelby Striders00:42:12
Male 20 & Under  
Oliver DonkinBarton & District Ac00:36:23
Eddie VickersBarton & District Ac00:37:07
Oliver BurnettEast Hull Harriers & AC00:37:10
Female 20 & Under  
Evie BrooksLincoln Wellington Athletic Club00:44:52
Georgina NorthKUHAC00:46:57
Eleanor Hextall 00:57:52
Male V40  
James WilsonDriffield Striders00:35:33
Gareth MoyleCity of Hull AC00:36:07
Stephen WalkerBeverley Athletic Club00:36:33
Female V40  
Bridie Darcy 00:46:35
Hayley JacksonYork Knavesmire Harriers00:49:03
Sarah Rose-Crawford 00:51:40
Male V45  
Stuart SmithPocklington Runners00:36:34
Michael SkeltonCleethorpes & District AC00:36:53
Gareth RussellHumber Triathletes00:38:01
Female V45  
Niki WhitakerCity of Hull AC00:43:52
Dawn Farmer 00:48:43
Quintina Davies 00:49:52
Male V50  
Graham JusticeCity of Hull AC00:36:39
Nicholas MarshLincoln Wellington Athletic Club00:37:52
Mark NettletonBarton & District AC00:39:08
Female V50  
Colleen ThundercliffeCity of Hull AC00:46:42
Rebecca Smith 00:46:54
Carole BrattanWithernsea Harriers00:47:37
Male V55  
Gary VietenHumber Triathletes00:42:10
Andrew NormanEast Hull Harriers & AC00:43:01
Dave PlayforthEast Hull Harriers & AC00:43:14
Female V55  
Karen ParkWest Hull Ladies00:46:52
Liz Bottomley 00:52:06
Jacqueline CarterSpenborough & District AC00:53:41
Male V60  
Paul CartwrightCity of Hull AC00:41:59
Tom WoodScunthorpe & District AC00:43:31
David MaddisonGoole Viking Striders00:44:30
Female V60  
Amanda DeanWest Hull Ladies00:47:29
Joanna HobsonOtley AC00:51:11
Karen GordonDriffield Striders00:54:00
Male V65  
Stephen RennieCity of Hull AC00:41:04
David ButtEast Hull Harriers & AC00:50:05
Peter WatkinsonBeverley Athletic Club00:51:59
Female V65  
Anne BakkerCity of Hull AC00:51:27
Jackie HardmanBeverley Athletic Club00:51:57
Penny BoothBeverley Athletic Club01:03:16
Male V70  
Neil ScrutonScarborough Athletic Club00:46:49
Stephen BrookQueensbury RC00:50:21
Peter TaylorCity of Hull AC00:50:35
Female V70  
Susan HallHalifax Harriers01:00:55
Barbara WessonFitmums And Friends01:02:29
Vivienne WilliamsonBeverley Athletic Club01:03:19
Male V75  
Raymond HallHalifax Harriers00:47:51
John CassellsSouth Leeds lakers01:01:59
Female V75  
Pam Atkins 01:10:13
Male V80+  
David Carbert 01:04:42
Frank HarrisonCity of Hull AC01:21:39
Bob ThomsonHaltemprice Road Running Club01:35:50

2019 Winners

Men’s Race

1 Steve Bateson MV45 East Hull Harriers & AC 00:33:25
2 David Mckinnon MSNR Goole Viking Striders 00:34:58
3 Oliver Burnett M20 & Under East Hull Harriers & AC 00:35:28
4 Chris Booth MV45 East Hull Harriers & AC 00:35:47
5 Matthew Snow MSNR City of Hull AC 00:35:51

Women’s Race

1 Megan Hatfield F20 & Under City of Hull AC 00:40:34
2 Sophie Lee SNR City of Hull AC 00:40:34
3 Della Hatfield SNR City of Hull AC 00:40:43
4 Sally Bentley SNR City of Hull AC 00:42:19
5 Abigail Buckenham SNR 00:42:35

Vet Results
  Female Under 20     Male Under 20
1 Eleanor Hextall 00:55:20 Andrew Smith Barton & District Ac 00:38:58
2 Max Price 00:44:13
3 Will Hawthorn 00:45:58
Female V40 Male V40
1 Bridie Darcy Hermitage Harriers 00:46:14 James Wilson Driffield Striders 00:36:09
2 Allison English Fitmums And Friends 00:47:37 Eddie Rex City of Hull AC 00:36:58
3 Rachel Anderson City of Hull AC 00:48:05 Paul Teece East Hull Harriers & AC 00:37:10
Female V45 Male V45
1 Kate Ayre City of Hull AC 00:46:17 Mark Williamson Hornsea Harriers 00:38:20
2 Heather Woolley 00:46:40 Adrian Messingham Beverley AC 00:40:09
3 Samantha Allen Beverley AC 00:47:19 Vincent Mcgowan East Hull Harriers & AC 00:41:12
Female V50 Male V50
1 Colleen Thundercliffe City of Hull AC 00:46:34 Mike Macdougall Wolds Veterans RC 00:37:46
2 Rachel Love City of Hull AC 00:48:23 Stephen Dring Wolds Veterans RC 00:37:51
3 Natalie Cook 00:51:22 Richard Harrison Selby Striders 00:38:31
Female V55 Male V55
1 Sian Morgan Driffield Striders 00:46:19 Jon Morgan Driffield Striders 00:38:48
2 Janet Stott Beverley AC 00:55:41 Jim Rogers City of Hull AC 00:39:12
3 Jan Draper West Hull Ladies 00:56:43 Stephen Peacock Beverley AC 00:40:48
Female V60 Male V60
1 Diane Mawer 00:51:58 Stephen Rennie City of Hull AC 00:39:17
2 Verena Golach City of Hull AC 00:55:23 Paul Cartwright City of Hull AC 00:40:36
3 Margaret Bushnell Hull Springhead Harriers 00:58:17 Ian Hird City of Hull AC 00:41:55
Female V65 Male V65
1 Anne Bakker City of Hull AC 00:52:40 Peter Watkinson Beverley AC 00:48:44
2 Jackie Hardman Beverley AC 00:53:48 David Butt East Hull Harriers & AC 00:52:58
3 Linda Dodsworth West Hull Ladies 00:58:03 Terry Parker 00:53:04
Female V70 Male V70
1 Vivienne Williamson Beverley AC 01:04:01 Tony Payne East Hull Harriers & AC 00:49:35
2 Robert Wilkinson City of Hull AC 00:50:50
3 Peter Taylor City of Hull AC 00:52:52
Female V75 Male V75
1 Margeret Taylor Fitmums And Friends 01:32:28 John Pawson City of Hull AC 01:02:52
2 Ivor Roberts Beverley AC 01:09:42
Male V80+
1 David Carbert 01:04:03
2 Frank Harrison Beverley AC 01:16:25
3 Bob Thomson Haltemprice Road Running Club 01:24:43

For any further enquires please contact Lucas Meagor, Race Director at [email protected]


Please do not park anywhere on the race route
ROUTE as shown to the right
Route statistics,
Distance: 10k (6.2 miles)
Minimum Elevation: 15 metres
Maximum Elevation: 81metres
Total climb: 87 metres
Total descent: 92 metres
Entries 594

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